Our Volunteers
Everyone of the people who pack and deliver our meals are volunteers.

"May I express my gratitude for Meals on Wheels. What a blessing. Thanks to the volunteers and the wonderful staff." ”

Our Board
Acting President
Frank Eipper
Vice President
Diane Antell
Frank Falcone
Colleen Rando
Susan Crandall,
Rudy S. DeSanti, Jr.,
Gretchen W. Howe,
William Jackson,
Stuart Jones,
Richard Wallace,
Antonio DeVivio
Executive Director
Gretchen W. Howe
Honorary Chairman
Rudy S. DeSanti
We deliver
more than:
120 meals per day
600 meals per week
2,500 meals per month
31,000 meals per year
Our Office Staff

We have two part-time staff members, Sr. Administrator Gretchen Howe and Administrator Tina Guglielmo, who are responsible for the general operations of Meals on Wheels.

"My father would be in a nursing home if it were't for Meals on Wheels." ”